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DividendGenius.com | About Dividend Genius
About Dividend Genius
About Dividend Genius
Jim Trippon CPA

Dear Dividend Investor,

It may seem counterintuitive to start a newsletter about investments during the worst financial crisis our country has seen in decades. But I see this as the best time because it's the time when the greatest number of people need help, concrete and meaningful help that they can actually execute.

I'm not going to waste your time and money over such trivialities as cutting out your daily trip to Starbucks. The time is way past for such advice to have any real impact on your financial situation. Nor am I going to tell those of you who are in your seventies that you need to go out and find a part time job. I know that the jobs that are available for retirees, even the minimum wage ones, no longer exist.

The fact is that you need to make new money and preserve what you have left. Believe me, I feel your pain, and I want to help you stop the bleeding (or should I say hemorrhaging?). While it's true I make my living as a financial analyst, I don't do so from the confines of an ivory tower hunched over my computer screen and parsing over the data on myriads of charts.

I have clients, good ones, which means I am talking to them each and every day, finding out their concerns and their fears (which are at unprecedented levels). To me they've become family, and I can't stand to see them suffer.

It's my intense involvement on a personal level that drives me to do what I do and, I believe, puts me in the position to create the most relevant new financial newsletter. After watching the markets for clients over decades, I've come to the conclusion that most do not know if they are investors or if they are traders.

The problem for those who consider themselves to be investors is that the buy and hold strategy will not work for you if you have a relatively short period before you need your money, or if you need it now. This is why I'm particularly concerned about three groups of my clients who all worry that their portfolios will be decimated. These clients are my retirees, pre-retirees, and those who are facing a major expense such as college funding.

The other group is the traders who anticipate an event, ask me to buy the relevant stock for them, and then ask me to sell after the event occurs. We all have heard over and over again that you can't time the markets, but that doesn't stop people from trying. The difficulty right now is that most of the events that precipitate selling are negative rather than positive.

I don't want you to be afraid to go to the mailbox and look at your monthly statements. Nobody should have to live like that. And even in these times, you don't have to. I am constantly scouring the globe looking for investments that pay high dividends, some above twenty percent, that are safe and sustainable. While the value of the underlying investment may fluctuate, in the end it doesn't matter, because no matter what, you are getting cash flow. My goal is to put cash in your pocket at regular intervals so that you know you can cover your living expenses and even take advantage of capital appreciation whenever possible. I try my hardest to find both as well as safety for you. If you take a hard look at my model portfolio, I think you will see that I am succeeding.

Not only do I believe I am the best at what I do thanks to my hard work and proprietary methodology that none of my competitors have, I also hire only the best. Every member of my research team has written at least two financial books on their own. They are also on a never ending hunt to find the very best high dividend investments out there which they bring to me for evaluation and possible recommendation.

While I always say to my clients and subscribers that my door is always open, not many of you can make it to Houston. This is the reason I am creating a new type of newsletter, one that is highly interactive and encourages your input and questions. In order to facilitate what I believe is an important exchange of information, I make monthly conference calls to all my subscribers where no financial topic is off limits. I want to be the "go to guy" for each and every one of you when it comes to your concerns about dividend stocks. In other words, I hope to make you a new and important member of my financial family.

Yours truly,

Jim Trippon, CPA
Publisher, Dividend Genius

Jim Trippon Is America's Foremost Expert On High-Yield Dividend Stock Investing
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