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Dividend Articles
The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift List/Top Financial Advisor Gives His 2009 Gift Recommendations
Jim Trippon, CPA
Whether Americans like to admit it or not, we all have a bit of the hopeless romantic in our hearts. With love in the air, Americans find it irresistible to flaunt their affection at this time of the year. Jim Trippon, CPA and one of America's foremost authorities on the money habits of self-made millionaires, has released his ultimate Valentine's Day gift list to astonish your significant other this holiday season. . . . keep reading
Dividends 101 - Dividend Investing Basics
Jim Trippon, CPA
Every month I have a conference call for both new and old subscribers. During these I'm happy to answer the most common questions that have come in via email or regular mail. At the end of the month I choose the questions that seem to be the most relevant and put them in the newsletter for those who are not able to listen to my conference calls . . . keep reading
Dividend Genius: High Yield Basics
Jim Trippon, CPA
First of all it's important to be aware that while most companies pay their dividends quarterly, a few pay monthly. Occasionally a company will pay a "special dividend" which is a one time event that's not likely to be repeated . . . keep reading
Reason to Invest in High Yield Dividend Stocks
Jim Trippon, CPA
I want to teach you about healthy companies that are cash-rich and still want you to invest in them. They're willing to pay you to invest in them. The secret word that none of the talking heads on television will mention is dividends. They're sky high right now . . . keep reading
Jim Trippon Is America's Foremost Expert On High-Yield Dividend Stock Investing
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