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Dividend Genius Privacy Policy
Jim Trippon CPA


We at the Dividend Genius take your privacy very seriously.


When you subscribe to the Dividend Genius via e-mail, your e-mail address is placed in a database and used to send your issues of the Dividend Genius and occasional Dividend Genius Investment Alerts. We will not sell, rent, or otherwise share your e-mail address with anyone. We may from time to time send you offers we believe you would find useful to your personal financial goals.

You can remove your address from our e-mailing list by following the instructions at the end of every e-mail we send.

Any e-mail you send to the Dividend Genius is considered confidential unless you tell us otherwise. We will not add your name to our e-mail list without your permission. If your inquiry is about an order or subscription, Bretton Woods Press customer service staff will ask you to verify your identity by confirming information already in your record.


If you believe that the Dividend Genius has sent you unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam), please send an e-mail to admin @ dividendgenius.com.

Personal Information

We will never ask you for personal information--your credit card number, for example--except when you place an order. At that time, we will provide a secure (SSL, encrypted) connection and require you to submit only the information needed to complete and fulfill your order. Only authorized employees of Bretton Woods Press will have access to this information. Bretton Woods Press will not sell or rent this information to anyone, nor share it in any other way, unless required to by a law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to require it. Please note that "personal information" does not include your mailing address. See Mailing Address, below.

Mailing Address

When you give us your mailing address, Bretton Woods Press will use this information to fulfill your order or subscription and to send you information on other products that may suit your interests. If you don't want Bretton Woods Press to send you this other information, please contact our customer service department:

Trippon Financial Research, Inc.
8955 Katy Freeway, Suite 310
Houston, TX 77024

Cookies are small files placed on your computer by a web page when you visit it. They can be used to store all sorts of useful information to make your next visit easier and more convenient, but some people are uncomfortable not knowing what information is in a cookie.

Dividend Genius web site uses cookies only to compile statistics on the use of the various pages on our site (how many people visit each page and that sort of thing). We do not store or collect any personally identifiable information.

Discussion Board

If you choose to participate on the Dividend Genius Discussion Board, you do so at your own risk.

You must submit a name to post a message to the Discussion Board, but it doesn't have to be your real name. Using your real name or e-mail address when you post is entirely voluntary. In fact, it's just not a good idea. Bretton Woods Press does not collect e-mail addresses from the Discussion Board, but there is nothing to prevent an unscrupulous person or company from doing so and then using that address to send you unwanted e-mail (spam).

Aliases are completely acceptable--but only as long as they are unique and not meant to impersonate another person. If you feel that someone is impersonating you on our Discussion Board, please contact admin @ dividendgenius.com. We will take whatever steps we deem necessary, possibly including legal action, to correct the matter.

We reserve the right to remove any messages from the board for any reason whatsoever. We prohibit or strongly discourage: advertisements to buy or sell securities, promotions and advertisements of any type and links thereto, impersonating another person, unnecessary profanity, ludicrous and thoroughly discredited conspiracy theories, and personal attacks. However, we cannot be held responsible for any claims made on our Discussion Board.

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