Beat The Banks By 596%

Using one oft-overlooked secret, you'll be able to beat your bank's return six-fold. Doing so is easy - but the window closes in only one month.

Dear Reader,

For too long, the average investor has been getting creamed - while banks make all the money in good times, and get all the bailouts in bad.

No longer. I'm about to show you a long-forgotten way you can stick it to your bank... while beating their returns by a cool 596%.

It's simple. In fact, in the age before day traders, before corporate raiders and levels of resistance - this was long recognized as the surest path to wealth.

It's more than that, actually - it's the only path to market wealth. According to an exhaustive study done by the "Wizard of Wharton," fully 97% of all market gains come from this long-forgotten strategy.

Pity, then, that it's so overlooked today. In fact, it's more than overlooked: It's hated by institutions like your investment bank and broker.

Here's why:

  • Unlike flashy technical analysis, it's boring. It's very hard to get clients excited about this steady, easy accrual of capital - because it takes time for the truly stupendous power of it to become apparent.

  • Unlike day trading, it doesn't make your broker much money - once you've set this system up, you can forget about it for years. That means your brokerage misses out on trade commissions. Great for you - but bad for them. No wonder they steer clients away from it.

  • What's more - it just works. Like clockwork. It works so well, you know exactly how much money you'll be making, months before it gets deposited, automatically, into your account.

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That's a triple-whammy - a boring strategy that eliminates the need for MBA go-betweens and virtually erases all your trading fees.

You can see why your bank hates it.

But they've been making money off our hard work for years... spending it foolishly... and getting bailed out with our whenever one of their schemes blows up in all our faces.

Payback time.

Use this strategy, and you'll...

  • Earn six times what a bank will pay you to hold your money - before capital appreciation!

  • Stop paying your broker every time you need them to flip a digital switch. This is the 21th century - there aren't huge costs associated with trading. Right now, even $10 a trade is highway robbery.

  • Stop worrying about the see-sawing market. With this strategy, you make money in bulls AND in bears. In fact, often times you'll earn EVEN MORE cash when the markets are tanking. Sounds impossible - but I'll show you exactly how to do it.

More on that later - when you've finished reading this letter, you'll know precisely how you can beat your bank by 596%, time and again, with the regularity of the sun rising each morning.

It's not impossible- it's anything but. In fact, once you see how easy - and obvious - it is, you'll slap your forehead saying "Why didn't I think of that?"

But enough teasing - how am I going to help you teach your banker a lesson?

The Surest Path To Wealth

Let's be clear - this isn't any sort of treasury or bond.

Today, safe bonds pay less than 2% - not even enough to keep up with inflation! - and risky bonds pay more for a reason. If you want to gamble on Greece honoring its debts, good luck to you.

No, this secret is safer than bonds - and it pays a whole lot more.

This isn't about options or anything nearly that complex or risky. In fact - it's like having the upside profits of options, without the downside risk.

And it isn't about capital appreciation either. Sure, this secret will take advantage of a company going up - but it takes advantage of a company going down, too.

Simply put - there's a reason this strategy is responsible for 97% of all the wealth created in the markets over the past century.

Billionaire Mark Cuban has said, "(Other stocks) aren't much more than baseball cards. They are worth what you can convince someone to pay for it."

Richard Russell, one of the most venerable market watchers, publishing financial advice since 1958, said "(This secret offers) a true return on investment. Everything else is hope and speculation."

And - big clue here - one of the things that makes this secret so profitable is the same thing Einstein apocryphally called the most powerful force in the universe.

So what is it that we're talking about?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that this ‘secret' is no secret at all - but using it correctly is.

What I'm talking about are dividends.

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The Boring, Guaranteed Path To Riches

Yes, you read that right. I'm talking about regular old, boring dividends.

Only what we're going to do with them is anything but boring - unless you think watching your nest egg exponentially increase in good times and bad only worth yawns. But before we get into that - what makes dividends so powerful?

  • Pick the right company, and no matter what the stock is doing, no matter what the company is doing, no matter what the economy is doing, you get paid. Predictably - like clockwork. In fact - some savvy investors use dividend payouts as a replacement for salary when they retire!

  • Reinvest your dividends, and you get to take advantage of Einstein's favorite tool. You compound your interest... increasing your shares every time you get paid. Just consider, with a 12% dividend - currently the highest we hold - you'd double your money in six years... before any gains in the actual stock price.

  • Dividend stocks also have a rich history of outperforming the general market - so you get to enjoy outsized stock gains on top of your dividend payouts!

  • In bull markets, your stock price will go up faster.

  • In bear markets, you'll be able to buy a greater number of shares with your dividends - and those stocks will enjoy higher yields. This is a strategy designed for every time - and, at a time when the markets are so uncertain and interest rates are at historic lows, there's no better approach.

  • Any above-board broker won't charge you fees for reinvesting your dividends - so you get to make purchases while avoiding the silent robber of returns, the evaporation of capital through brokerage fees on every little move you make.

  • The average yield we enjoy in our portfolio is 6.86%. Compare that to the 1% rate most banks are offering on one-year CDs, and it's easy to see why this is the safest, easiest way to outpace inflation and grow your wealth.

  • The fact that it's the safest way to protect your wealth doesn't take away from the fact - it's also the best. As professor Jeremy Siegel, the Wizard of Wharton, discovered, 97% of all market gains over the past century are thanks to dividends. We want to make sure you get your share of that.

Of course, you need to know more than just ‘invest in dividend-paying stocks.' You need to invest in the right companies - businesses that will keep their dividends steady or increase them over time, businesses that are dominant in their field, businesses that would be tremendous investments even if they didn't pay out a red cent every quarter.

The fact they do should be the gravy of an already-successful business... and the fact they are a successful business and stock play should be the gravy on top of their juicy dividends.

It's not easy finding the right companies. A simple stock screener won't help - oftentimes, companies with very high dividends have an underlying problem which is going to wipe out their stock price and payouts alike.

At the same time, the bluest chips pay very small dividends, and generally don't offer much in the way of capital appreciation.

Investing there isn't much better than putting your money in a bank. And we already know what a poor decision that is.

No - to truly make dividend investing work, you need to find companies in the perfect sweet spot. A history of large and increasing dividends... a dominant position within their markets, or a business model on the rise... and a management team you can trust to guide the company forward to ever-greater performance.

It's not an easy combination to find. That's where we come in.

A Unique Perspective - That's Made My Clients Millions

Jim Trippon: Chief Investment Analyst

James "Jim" Trippon
Chief Investment Analyst

My name is Jim Trippon, and I founded Trippon Publishing a few years back when I realized something very important.

You see, I came into investing from a different route than most advisors. Rather than the usual MBA way - I started as a CPA.

Specifically, I worked at Price Waterhouse creating and dissecting the financial statements, annual reports, and SEC filings of some of the biggest companies in the world (Exxon and Shell are just two well-known examples).

After a few years of doing this, however, I realized I was gaining a unique perspective - that I was able to see through a financial statement in ways few others could.

I didn't see numbers. I saw stories. And I could use those stories to gain very valuable - and often overlooked - insights into the future performance of companies.

Soon, I had left Price Waterhouse and started my own practice as a money manager to the wealthy. Most of my clients were millionaires - and those who weren't, well, I quickly changed that.

I offered full-service financial management. I would help my clients with everything from taxes to asset allocation to picking the very best investments for their personal needs.

And I can tell you, I wasn't cheap. If you had to ask what I cost, you couldn't afford me.

But a few years back I realized that the biggest kick I got wasn't from helping multi-millionaires add another zero to their net worth... but from helping my smaller clients get a big enough nest egg that they could stop worrying about the future.

I enjoyed giving peace of mind. And that's why I started Trippon Publishing.

Now, I get to help people with portfolios of every size. And I can tell you, the publishing industry has noticed.

Both Dow Jones and Hulbert Financial Digest have rated my work the best in the business. I'm asked to speak at conferences around the globe - only, unlike in years past, I'm not speaking to boardrooms of 20 or so, but huge rooms of hundreds or thousands.

And, most recently, I took all the knowledge I've used to help my clients make, without hyperbole, hundreds of millions of dollars, and I put it into a book: How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work For You. Edwin Pittock, the president of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, calls it "Vastly insightful... full of solid, clear ideas."

But I'm a little uncomfortable talking too much of my own success. So, rather, let me introduce the rest of my team.


Todd Shriber, Senior Analyst

Todd Shriber
Senior Analyst

Todd Shriber is an investment research fanatic, a former hedge fund trader, and a journalist. Todd started his professional career with Bloomberg News, where he covered banks, energy and technology. After leaving Bloomberg, Todd became a trader at a California-based hedge fund where he specialized in trading financials, energy, basic materials, and ETFs.

Todd has one of the sharpest minds in the industry, and he performs "double duty" here at Trippon Financial Media. Be sure not to miss his Wednesday reports on the latest developments in the suddenly red-hot world of ETF and ETN investing, and then tune in to Todd again on Thursday to catch his information-packed comments on how to inflation-proof your investments with dividend and high-yield stocks.


Kelley Damiani - Senior Analyst

Kelley Damiani
Senior Analyst

Kelley Damiani specializes in dividend stocks, tech and green energy stocks, and quantitative investing. Kelley, a Texas native, graduated with her accounting degree from Texas State University in San Marcos. Kelley joined the Trippon Financial Research team in 2008 with an incredible passion for investment analysis.

Over the past couple of years, Ms. Damiani has continuously expanded her knowledge on investments while utilizing her accounting degree to bring her market insights to a whole new level.

Ms. Damiani collaborates with the Trippon Financial Research team to cover all our leading newsletters - including the one I'm about to tell you about today.

Your Chance At History

I hope by now, you're convinced of the need to make dividend investing a major part of your portfolio.

Personally, I would make it the lion's share - after all, with 97% of all the market's profits coming from this one source, it makes sense to capture as much of that for yourself as you can.

But which companies to invest in? Well, you have a few options.

  • You can use a simple stock screener, and hope that the companies you select are actually viable. As I mentioned before - most high-yielders are damaged goods, and most completely healthy companies have small dividends. Finding the sweet spot is difficult.

  • You can follow the crowd to the most popular dividend stocks - but there's no growth left there. Once a company is popular enough to hit the mainstream, all the big profits are gone. All you're left with is a more modest dividend.

  • You can let me do the heavy lifting for you.

I'd like to introduce you to one of my most popular publications, Dividend Genius.

As I mentioned before, I came into the investing world through the lens of a CPA. I've found that approach more rewarding with dividend stocks than anywhere else.

You see, I'm able to use my forensic microscope, and really get under the hood of each of these companies.

I can tell which dividend payers are going to raise their dividends... or slash them.

I can identify where the money is going to come from, and how much is going to be distributed.

I can tell which companies are growing... which are treading water... and which are barely hanging on.

You think you can find other sources with similar insights? Well, you can - after they've talked to people like me. The number crunchers who are able to see through the numbers, to the stories underneath.

And early access to my methodology certainly is a useful tool. Consider...

  • One of our recommendations is up over 25% - and yields 7.66% as I write this. That's a powerful one-two punch.

  • Two of our companies pay double-digits yields, all while keeping your initial stake safe. Good luck getting anything like that out of your bank.

  • Another six are yielding over 8% - if you reinvest that in the stocks, you'll double your stake in less than a decade.

I know that you often hear ridiculous claims of 5,000% gains and the such - if you're like me, those fantasy numbers always make me skeptical.

I'm not promising you anything unreasonable - just an opportunity to double your money inside the next decade.

Nonetheless, we still have hit a few big winners - including positions that ended up 93%, 208%, and even 213%. In our very first year of operation, we were already up 62% - and we haven't looked back since.

No wonder my readers keep coming back for more.


I'd like to offer you a chance to join us. And, to sweeten the pot, I've put together a very special package for you.

  • Gain instant access to the entire Dividend Genius Portfolio - with 20 recommendations that will start paying you the moment you purchase them

  • The Current Issue of Dividend Genius - and free access to the entire library of past issues.

  • Change Alerts - to let you know when we are entering or leaving a position, as soon as we're ready to make our move. In today's digital world, seconds matter - and we'll make sure you don't waste any.

  • A monthly conference call with me - I'll go over all the recent events in the economy, our portfolio, and discuss our strategy moving forward.

  • Plus, subscribe today, and receive a $79 report - for free, as my gift to you. Dividend Bonanza! How To Bank Monster Yields From Stocks Your Broker Keeps To Himself, will not only go over dividend investing strategy in detail - it will give you four bonus recommendations that I consider the hottest in the markets today.

Normally, this service costs $199 a year. But, for new subscribers, I've got a special deal.

Sign up in the next 72 hours, and your cost will only be $149.95 for the year. That's 25% off the regular price. What's more, if you invest just $2,000 in one of our double-digit yielders, you'll see that subscription price more than returned to you - from a single play.

This is the best offer we've ever made - but it's about to get better.

Sign up for two years, and you only pay $399.00 - or 50% off a regular subscription.

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Not sure you want to commit to a two-year subscription? No problem. Try the service out for 30 days, and if you don't like it for whatever reason, just let us know and we'll return every single cent of the subscription price.

Of course, your welcome package is yours to keep, regardless. Even if you decide to go another direction, it's our way of saying thanks for giving us a try. And, if you ever decide to leave after your first 30 days, we'll return the entire unused portion of your subscription.

However, I very much doubt you'll want to leave once you've joined up. Dividend investing may sound vanilla - but, as you'll see, watching your money grow exponentially over time, can turn out to be one of the most exciting and rewarding financial decisions you've ever made.

Rather than sweating over what the market will do this morning... or worrying about whether you'll be able to afford a child's schooling AND retirement... you can sit back and imagine what you'd like to do with your newfound wealth.

Continue to reinvest for rainy days? Withdraw one quarter's dividends and take the family on a European vacation? Buy that new Beemer you always thought was out of reach? It's up to you - but, trust me, making those sorts of decisions is a lot more fun than chasing mythical, impossible gains, sweating out every dip in the markets.

So please don't delay. The markets are dangerous these days - I'd love to get you into safe harbor as soon as possible. Subscribe now by selecting a subscription below.

To Your Profits,

Jim Trippon

PS With earnings season just around the corner - and the majority of our companies paying quarterly dividends - you've got to act now in order to grab their next payouts. Would you like to see your net worth bump up a few percentage points in just the next few days... or sit on your hands, and miss this opportunity, while yields are unusually high thanks to the market's recent haircut?

Don't delay. Click here now and grab your free report, Dividend Bonanza!, along with all 20 of our current recommendations. There is no risk to you - no hidden shipping and handling charges, no credit card fees, nothing. All you have is a chance to make money the safest yet easiest way out there. Don't let it pass you by.

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